Monday, September 26, 2011

I had the great pleasure of visiting Tokyo recently. It is one of my absolute favored destinations in the world. Though I have been there several times I am always excited every time I touch down at Narita International Airport. It is this mixture of being so different and still so Western in many ways that make Tokyo a very unique destination. And of course coming from a Danish background I feel there are similarities between the Japanese and the Scandinavian approach to design. That is probably also why you see so many shops stocking up on Scandinavian designed products.

But when it comes to food it is rather different though like us Scandinavians the Japanese also tend to have a love for everything that can swim and I mean everything!

Anyway – on every trip I do try to find a small locale sushi restaurant – nothing fancy but should be full of “locale ordinary” people. That should be some kind of a guaranty that a dissent sushi is served.

This time was no exception – found a good place where a young sushi chef served me an excellent meal. And though he was young he had had to work 5 years in the back of the kitchen, before he was allowed to get any where near a customer.

I want to share some photos with you from my meal – so simple but because of the freshness of the raw materials so good! I had several types of fish: medium fatty tuna, bonito, fluke and red clam. A wonderful miso soup with clams and as an appetizer I was served what looked as very small marinated baby fish – with their small eyes staring at you – slightly odd but it tasted delicious’s.

Cant wait for my next trip to this amazing city!

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