Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Last weekend my friend Chat and I went to have lunch in one of our all time favored small restaurants serving authentic Northern Thai food and I mean really authentic!!!! Well, its hardly a restaurant – it is just a few tables in a small village outside Chiang Mai together with a very locale convenient store run by the lovely Ms Phasri. The food is simple but the taste is delicious.

On this occasion we ordered lab which is a kind of a locale fried “tartar” made from either buffalo, chicken or pork, nam prik pla which is a classic Thai condiment made from pickled fish. We also ordered gang kae which is a dried jungle carry with chicken. And as always it is served with a bowl of fresh vegetables – here cucumber, fresh slightly steamed bamboo, eggplant, long beans and cabbage.

It does not have to be fancy to be good!

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